Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Gren Lantern #14, #15

Green Lantern #14, #15
Well, as good as last issue was, and it was VERY GOOD, this one is bad - so bad it's AWFUL. How does that happen? Last issue we finally got the exposition we needed to explain what happened to Hal during the lost year, because God knows we weren't going to get it anywhere else, and it was actually a pretty good story. Stupid, sure, but very good nonetheless.
Now this issue, on the other hand, is just one huge extended fight scene between Hal and the apprently brainwashed Global Guardians. And there's something unrelated going on with Hank Henshaw's skull. And something happening on Qward too - which seems to be aimed at inducting Abin Sur's son into the newly formed "Sinestro Corps", somewhat of a hackneyed concept, but if done well, one that I could certainly get behind. However, the other upcoming plot development alluded to in this issue is just retarded. Turning Cowgirl into the New Star Sapphire? That's got to be the stupidest plot development since making Hal crazy in the space of three issues. Please, I hope that's not going to stick. For once, it'd be nice for Hal to have some sort of normal home life. What is it with DC's fascination with messing with the private lives of their Green Lanterns? It seems like every one of Earth's Green Lanterns has suffered horribly in their personal lives, from the original to Kyle. At least this issue came out one month following the previous one, but note that it still has a cover date of 2006. That's just stupid. It's as if, by dating late titles by the month in which they were supposed to be released, the comic companies can retroactively change recent history and claim that they were released on time! Whatever, I'm just about done with this series.

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