Friday, December 15, 2006

Robin #157

Robin #157
Wherein Robin rescues Teekl from a tree, takes him home, tries to find his home, and protects him from a giant Chimera type beast known (according to the next issue box) as the Judgement Beast. Oh, and Klarion turns up on the last page, which is really the point of this posting.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't Robin and Klarion met before? Specifically when Klarion turned the Justice Leaguers into kids, and Young Justice into adults? I was willing to overlook the fact that Morrison's Klarion story was basically an origin story, as none of the Seven Soldiers books seemed to really make any definitive chronological references. But this? This is ridiculous. Is Beechen just not aware that Klarion had a history before Seven Soldiers? Or does he just not care?
Klarion aside, this issue was OKAY. Robin has to deal with not telling his tutor that he was okay following the "kidnapping", and has to deal with Teekl as well. Mostly, he has to deal with Teekl - who actually seems to take a liking to him. I'll read the next issue to find out how the story develops.

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