Friday, December 15, 2006

Blade #3

Blade #3
I haven't really been enjoying this series much, mostly because it seems very poorly thought out. This issue is no exception. In this issue, Guggenheim presents us with some very intriguing questions (and their respective answers), questions that we may have never thought to ask, but intriguing nonetheless. Unfortunately, so much time is wasted "obsessing the details", that Marc forgets to concentrate on the largest detail of all - giving us a proper story.
It's interesting to learn how Blade supports himself. However, if said support comes from what would otherwise be referred to as burglary, wouldn't he have the sense to cover his tracks? Wear gloves, or some such detail? Not much obsession to detail there, eh, Marc?
Likewise, it's interesting to note that many of the vampires that Blade dispatches have actual identities, and are missed (though by whom, I couldn't say), when they're dusted. So, again, wouldn't it just be prudent to wear gloves?!!! And perhaps to check for the presence of witnesses first?
Still, this could have been an okay story, if the ending hadn't been such a cop out. I realize that it can't extend longer than 22 pages, primarily since Guggenheim seems to be focused on keeping each issue independent of those previous. Still, this independance, while commendable, should not have to come at the expense of what might otherwise have been a good story.
Still, I enjoyed it somewhat, which rescues this issue from the domain of CRAP, but only barely, so I would have to rate it at sub-EH.

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