Friday, December 08, 2006

The Irredeemable Ant-Man #3

The Irredeemable Ant-Man #3
Say what you will, I really like this series. The "protagonist" is just$$HOLE! It's kind of refreshing. This book makes no pretentions whatsoever. It announces on the cover that he's the "world's most UNLIKABLE super hero", and he certainly is...
In this issue, Eric mooches off his dead best friend's parents for all he can, tries to come on to the girlfriend of his dead best friend, tries to have sex with said girlfriend on her dead lover's fresh grave (then wonders why he couldn't score), tries to have sex with a girl he just met, invades the apartment of this girl he just met, sits on top of the shower to watch her naked...he's such a little creep! Oh, and while using this stolen suit he punches through an artery in some guy's neck...and only cares that he got drenched in blood.
So he did possibly save Nick Fury's life...if in fact it was actually Nick Fury, and not an LMD. Was it Nick Fury? Or was it an LMD?
Still, what a little creep. That should be the title of the letter column..."little creep"...or something like that. Ugh.
Yet I like it. Why? Probably because of Hester and Parks. Without them, it'd be just another title. A good title, but I probably wouldn't have really taken notice the way I have. They make it something special.
They should experiment with changing the cover's tagline every issue, much like Eclipso once did.
VERY GOOD. I hope this lasts.

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