Monday, September 17, 2007

X-Factor #23 / X-Men: Endangered Species #11

X-Factor #23
Another VERY GOOD issue, as PAD brings all the storylines since the beginning of this series together. Singularity investigations, X-Cell, Quicksilver, it's all here, and it's all starting to make sense. This is the kind of writing that keeps me coming back every month. I'm still a bit confused about the identity of the villain - is he a mutant? Is he a somehow resurrected Mimic? Who is he really, and where was he before M day? Is Peter David already creating new superpowered mutant nemeses as foils for our friends? And if so, what does that say about the future of the editorial "extinction agenda"? Regardless, it's good stuff, and so is the backup story.

X-Men: Endangered Species #11
Although I find it difficult to believe that Beast would have a hissy fit and go trashing Forge's lab and asskicking Forge to boot, just because some machine told him that there were no longer any mutants in the Age of Apocalypse, Nimrod, or XSE future timelines. And Beast is right. The science is rather shaky. But still - I've never seen him lose it like this. I like where this story is going though, as it seems poised to make Beast the Mr. Sinister of the 21st century. It's quite an intriguing idea, since the two characters have always been two sides of the same coin: ethical versus non-ethical mutant experimentation. It seems that this event will be the necessary catalyst to push Beast over the moral line. I look forward to the rest of the story. VERY GOOD.

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