Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Detective Comics #835 - #836

Detective Comics #835 - #836
Wow. This story was genuinely more terifying than the Joker story, primarily because, while we know that the Joker's a psychopathic serial killer, the Riddler has never been a murderer on that scale. Until now. And if the riddler can do it, how much longer can it be before the rest of Batman's rogues start trying the same thing? Say, Two-Face making everyone in Gotham fear that their neighbor, friend, partner, boss, co-worker is out to get them? You know, "two-faced"? Seriously, The Scarecrow brought Gotham to its knees, to a standstill.
And there's another brilliant point about this story - it gives a showcase to the reactions of the citizens of Gotham, through the device of Bruce's new girlfriend, Kay. And by doing so, it turns this tale from merely a tale of the Bat, into a genuinely horrific tale for us as well.
It's also notable for humanizing Bruce quite a bit, especially when that change is highlighted through Robin's comments when he reverts to his former type.

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