Tuesday, September 25, 2007

JLA / Hitman #1

JLA / Hitman #1
I'm ashamed to admit it. I missed Hitman the first time around. Sure, I own every godawful Bloodlines annual. And I own the Loose Cannon miniseries too. But I just never got into Hitman. I wasn't really buying comics anymore at that point.
Well, that stops here. As I read this issue, I followed each and every editor's note back to the referenced issues, read them, then continued with the story, and I've gotta say, boy did I miss out. With the notable exception of involving the Bloodlines aliens in this story, it's actually pretty GOOD. To bring an outsider into the Justice League for one particular mission, especially if that outsider is a killer, takes a unique set of circumstances. So Ennis comes up with them.
Unfortunately, since Hitman died in issue #60 of the original series, this story must, by necessity, take place in the past. And thus, nothing that happens herein can possibly be of any imprtance. Which merely leaves us with the entertainment value. Like watching a movie that you know the ending to, just to see what will happen along the way. Similar to watching Lord of the Rings.
It's fun. I've got to say that. If you're looking for a fun book this month, look no further. Buy this book.

My only exception to the writing is the characterization of Wally West. Why is he such a colossal dick towards Kyle? I thought they were supposed to be best friends!?

Most diappointing is the fact that this story, which was originally supposed to have been a four issue arc in JLA Classified, and was then compacted to a three issue miniseries, is now only two parts. Why?

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