Sunday, September 30, 2007

All-Star Batman and Robin: The Boy Wonder #7

All-Star GODDAMN Batman and Robin: The Boy Wonder #7
For the first time, I'm tempted to say this issue is actually GOOD. Since it's started coming out regularly once again, it's gained some little bit of forward momentum, and in this issue there's some actual furtherance of the main plot - all but forgotten by now - of the murder of Dick Grayson's family.
Plus, the GODDAMN BATMAN knocks boots - and other things - with Black Canary, who doesn't have an atrocious pseudo Irish brogue phoneticized by Miller - merely a mention by the GODDAMN BATMAN that he can pinpoint her place of origin from her accent.
Also, Dick actually does something, for the first time.
And the GODDAMN BATMAN actually talks to another human being - even though he mostly tells her to shut up.
And Dick gets given a choice: Avenger or Detective? He chooses Detective and we finally get our plot furtherance. It's creepy.
I love the Frank Miller covers. I want to see Miller doing this entire thing. Especially the last page.

Completely incongruous, however, is the DC Nation page which peddles kiddie books.
What's the subtext there?
Do the editors even care?

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