Monday, September 03, 2007

Also from SciFi News...

Heroes Mockumentary Online

A mock documentary, Takezo Kensei: Sword Saint, which gives the fictional backstory of a historical character on NBC's Heroes, has begun streaming on the Yamagato Fellowship Web site, a fake site set up to promote the hit show.

Narrated by John Rhys-Davies (The Lord of the Rings), the series unfolds in three- to four-minute installments and follows the swordsman as he takes on a number of Herculean labors in order to find and slay White Beard, a Genghis Khan wannabe who is trying to conquer Japan, TV Guide reported. The stories are the same as those told to Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) as a child by his father, the powerful Kaito Nakamura (George Takei).

In the upcoming second season of Heroes, Kensei will be played by former Alias star David Anders; the fact that he is decidedly not Japanese will reportedly be explained early on. Heroes returns at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Sept. 24. (NBC is owned by NBC Universal, which also owns SCIFI.COM.)

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