Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Black Canary Wedding Planner #1

Black Canary Wedding Planner #1
Oh my god, was that unbelievably AWFUL. First of all, there was absolutely no point, nor any need, for this book to have ever been made. It was a waste of everyone's time and money, not just ours.
What the hell is going on with the illustrations in this book? I have never seen Black Canary and Green Arrow looking less like Black Canary and Green Arrow. Especially Green Arrow. I mean, hasn't he always been blonde? Why is he suddenly a redhead? With a beard that's even more atrocious than normal? And I have never seen comic book women look as unsexy as they do in the scene where Dinah, Mari, and Diana are trying on lingerie. I mean, they couldn't have gotten Adam Hughes for that page or something? What the FUCK? That's on top of the fact that any other characters in this book look less like humans than, I don't know...Plastic Man? What does it say about this book when the best pages are the faux magazine ads and covers and the Jill Thompson-style manga-style page? Ugh.
And does Stephanie Roux think that Dinah is African American? Because you'd think it if you knew nothing about the character and took a look at her facial features on the cover.

The story? There is no story. There's a one line joke that isn't really a joke repeated ad infinitum throughout the entire book. Ollie won't leave Dinah alone with the wedding plans. Then says "I told you so" when her plans fall apart.
First of all, when was the date of their wedding ever specified apart from editorial mandate? Why couldn't they have a normal engagement period like most couples? Two months is a bit drastic. In fact, even if Dinah had gotten a wedding planner as Ollie keep insisting she should have, odds are that the end of the summer would still be booked with only two months notice! No wonder they're getting married in the cave. But wait - which cave? The Bat cave or the Justice cave? Geez, don't actually expect any answers in this book, that's sooooo not the point. The point of this book is silly gags that consistently fall flat, like Diana's spin changing abilities - please tell me WHY THE FUCK that's even in continuity? And the book has a secondary point of allowing artists with no talent to draw the primaries, and having a colorist who has apparently never seen a Green Arrow comic.

This fucking thing is just a big fucking mess. Hell, it's worse than AWFUL, it's ASS. Because, really, it's insulting that DC has foisted this book upon us merely to make a buck or three without even trying to give us anything even resembling quality.

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MaGnUs said...

I liked the book... I also complained about Diana spin-changing (in Outsiders: Five of a Kind), but somebody over at my blog pointed out that Phil Jimenez put that back in continuity during his run... bleh...