Friday, April 13, 2007

Teen Titans #45

Teen Titans #45
First, a transcript of some of my thoughts as I was reading this issue:
I find it interesting that Duela can always manage to keep her sense of humor.
Joey wears the same armor as Ravager...but why is he still Mute? If his body were cloned wouldn't it be good as new?
Interesting that Megan actually wears her costume as opposed to changing into it. Or maybe that's just a coloring error.
Match's Bizarro dialogue needs some work...the antonyms aren't consistent...but perhaps it's not supposed to.
How in the world could Risk, of all people, take down Batgirl with a single kick? Uh uh, no way. She'd have heard him coming a mile away.
Why would Ravager speak and let Wade know she was behind him, instead of just killing him? Unless subconsciously she didn't want to.
Yay! The real Titans show up!

And now, my thoughts upon its completion:
This issue is very poorly executed. It's got some nice touches, but overall it's a bit of a mess. EH. And that's being generous. I want to give this a lower rating, but I kindof like the overall story, so I'm willing to overlook the overwhelming ineptitude.

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