Friday, April 20, 2007

Justice League of America #8

Justice League of America #8
I love that Starman speaks untranslated Interlac (and for observant readers, there's a translation key in the Batcave). I hate that he's more of a plot device than a character in this book - and in JSA as well. I also dislike how easily Karate Kid remembered who he was.
I love the double page spread of the JLA meeting the JSA. Some great lines.
I like Mr. T questioning why Reddy can see him. I hate his explanation: "you're more human than you think".
I like Mr. T using the old magician's trick of playing two opponents against each other. However, what's it supposed to prove? And can anybody give me a citation on it?
Shouldn't this "danger room" have safeguards against fatalities? Is the only reason Geoforce is on the team in order to save Harper's life in this scene? Lame. Why couldn't Reddy have saved him? Explain to me again why he would get Terra's powers? Because they're siblings? Since when does it work like that?
I like the roster page at the end of the issue. I dislike the fact that only some of the characters have IRL names associated. I dislike that the only difference in name between the two Wildcats is their first names. They should really be listed as Wildcat I and Wildcat III. Who's with me here?
Perhaps it's just me, and my unwillingness to read through the AWFUL first seven issues of this title, but where in the world did Karate Kid come from? I mean, when did he arrive in the Batcave? And seriously, Batman incapacitates him in one/two blows? How incredibly freaking lame is that? I'd suffer some more decompression for an extended fight scene between the two of them. That's just poor writing.
Lame: Hawkgirl pretending to be in the JLA. Cool: Hawkman, speaking Brad Meltzer's dialogue points out that Hal's ring is sort of magic.
That's all that I can recall from reading the book a few hours ago, except that, once again, NOTHING HAPPENS! Otherwise, this issue is OKAY, for the sheer fanboyishness of it.

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