Friday, April 20, 2007

Cable & Deadpool #39

Cable & Deadpool #39
We need a spinoff book right the hell now! Bob, Agent of Hydra! It'll sell like, a million copies. Seriously, he could be like Tag and Bink all rolled into one.
I dread next month's issue, because I haven't been reading X-Men. Hope I don't have to know what's going on there. I haven't been reading X-Men lately, because I just can't stand the "art". It makes my brain hurt. However, the fact that Humberto Ramos' drawings appear on the monitors at Providence is kinda cool.
As a relative newcomer to Deadpool fandom, I really didn't understand the set-up for this issue - because I had no clue as to the stories being referenced. I did like, though, the gratuitous breaking of the fourth wall in this issue. So, OKAY.
Almost forgot - once again, Skottie Young draws what might be one of the coolest covers ever!
And, bringing back an old feature, but by no means weekly: "Shut Up! Hail Hydra!" gets Quote of the Week.

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