Friday, April 13, 2007

52 #49

52 #49
The past two weeks have had the most amazing covers of the entire series.
p.2 "I am the Socialist Red Guardsman of the Great Ten of the Chinese People's Republic" - Besides the fact that his group has been previously called the "Great Wall", and that the country is commonly referred to in English as the People's Republic of China, how can he not start laughing upon hearing such a ridiculous sounding statement coming out of his mouth?
Instead of wearing an eyepatch, why doesn't Alan Scott just leave one eyehole of his mask closed? Or wear a glass eye?
p.3 This is the first time IIRC that the group of mad scientists on Oolong has been called the "Science Squad", and the first time it's been implied that Egg Fu does NOT work for Apokolips, but is, in fact, a freelancer, an entrepreneur.
p.4 Our bodies have very little gold in them, and, hopefully, NO lead - if I recall my Bio courses. Likewise Mercury, which isn't mentioned here. And, of course, no Platinum, Tin, or Plutonium. So either Doc Magnus is bullshitting Egg Fu (which he probably is), or WTF???
p.10 Interesting revelation, that in fact, Chang Tzu (Egg Fu) IS a member of Great Ten.
p.12 When was the last time we saw Billy's talking tiger?
p.14 As ridiculous as SRG's statement on p.2 was, Will Magnus's here is AMAZING "I have a particle wave ray gun and bipolar disorder!"
p.15 Why is Egg Fu green inside? Is he a rotten egg? HAH! I kill me.
p.16 panel 5: I see Thunderbolt, but I never saw Jakeem. Huh?
p.22 Summoned from where? Without a knowledge of the Ragnarok battle, this makes no sense!
p.23 Have the events in panel 2 happened yet?
Which Wildcat is this? I or III? Why don't Green Lantern and Flash get to keep their superhero names?

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