Friday, April 13, 2007

Green Arrow #73

Green Arrow #73
A few problems with this issue...on the cover, Star City's logo written in the same font as Star Wars? On the page with Connor's big reveal, what the HELL is wrong with the perspective? Uh, is he like wearing an Atom belt or something? And if the bad guy's power is fists of steel, then how come they seem to be flaming? And why doesn't Connor mention that? With Canary's appearance here and in the new Justice League, who's taking care of Sin?
I'm glad that they finally explained exactly what was so bad about Ollie bankrolling the Outsiders. I couldn't really figure out why it seemed to matter. No matter what others might say, I really enjoy the political intrigue in this title. Some may think it's a poor ripoff of Ex Machina, but I still like it, and the interspersed action scenes make it seem to move a bit faster. I hope that Nudocerdo screws up and is outed as running with the wolves, supporting Brick or something, so that Winick can continue to write the intrigue.
This issue falls somewhere between OKAY and good, so let's rate it a high OKAY.

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