Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why would ANYBODY like Penance?

I have no clue, but apparently there are about 23 people who actually do, according to the most recent poll over at Randy Lardner's relatively new home, Comic Pants.

I, personally, voted for Kate Spencer, Manhunter. And I can't believe that she's getting beaten out as "favorite new character" by Amadeus Cho! I mean, sure, he's a cool character and all, but there is a major problem with him, in that his supposed powers are extremely ill defined. And in the hands of the wrong artist, he appears to have no powers whatsoever. Which I actually wouldn't mind. I mean, present him with the following statement, "this kid is the absolute smartest person in the entire Marvel Universe, hands down, tactically, scientifically, or otherwise", and I'd be inclined to believe it if it were properly set up and sold. But once you go ahead and make his intelligence some sort of mutant ability or something, well, seriously, that's a bit stupid, no pun intended.

Plus, the origin of Kate Spencer is MUCH more organic. A district attorney who finally got fed up with bad-to-the-bone criminal murderers getting off on technicalities or childhood abuse defenses, and who decided to do something about it. Sure, you may not agree with what she does, but you can certainly understand it.
Whereas, with Amadeus Cho, his motivations are a bit unclear. Does he hate SHIELD because they want to recruit him? Because they want to kill his coyote pup? Because he feels like it? So, again, though he's a cool character, the central problem with him is that he's poorly defined.

He's probably only beating Manhunter out because she currently has no feature title, whereas Cho features prominently in the kickass summer blockbuster, World War Hulk.

Oh, well.

But, seriously, Penance? What, are these guys on drugs?

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