Thursday, October 11, 2007

Punisher War Journal #12

Punisher War Journal #12
With this issue, Matt Fraction proves himself once again to be one of the best current writers in the business. And he's possibly the best current Marvel writer.

Fraction brings Olivetti's beautiful art back to the title and does a World War Hulk one-shot. And being that WWH is pretty much over the top as it is, Fraction takes this story COMPLETELY over the top! He puts the Punisher into a role as protector of the civillian remnant of Manhattan from an army of Miek-like bugs led by a ridiculously buff superbug.

Frank's new partner gives him some nice new weaponry.
Dual Chainsaws.
A huge knife.
Taser Guns.
Lightweight guns that fire explosive polymer rounds...or something.
And another gun.

That fires swords.

And then he gets a Venomech suit. Yes, it's a suit that acts like the Venom symbiote on Frank. It protects him from harm - to an extent. It multiplies his strength by a tremendous extent. And it can make guns. Huge organomechanic guns whose rounds could punch a hole in a tank.

Oh my GOD. I laughed so hard, I cried while reading this issue.

Oh, and Frank rescues a kitty cat.



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