Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Exiles #99

Exiles #99
Yay! I can finally cancel my subscription to this godAWFUL mess of a book! Spider-Man 2099 has been written out in a plot that makes absolutely zero sense for his character! And besides, the title's ending next issue! And then being restarted as The All-New Exiles. Or some such nonsense.

What's most annoying about this issue is, well, here's the solicit:
The exciting conclusion of "A Dream of Two Good Men." The Exiles have their final showdown with Victor Von Doom's Four Fantastic as the clock ticks for a broken dimension. Will Doom's Earth be saved? Does it deserve to be?
And yet, this issue has absolutely nothing to do with that whatsoever!!! It's not a conclusion of any kind, Victor Von Doom's FF do NOT make any sort of appearance, and the clock has already stopped ticking. Doom's Earth was destroyed last issue. The end. This issue has nothing to do with anything. What the fuck?

I was leaning towards Cable and Deadpool to replace this on my direct-by-mail order. But for the time being I've decided to go with Runaways in order to show my support for Joss Whedon. Or should I go with X-Factor? You decide! I've got two issues left before I need to re-up.

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