Friday, October 19, 2007

Terror, Inc. #3

Terror, Inc. #3
From the moment I saw that the ringleader of these guys was some undead chick, I was already figuring that it was Mr. Terror's lost love, Talitha. So no spoiler there, since it's extremely obvious. It's the details which remain difficult to pin down. I'm guessing that next issue will be another flashback issue, which is more than welcome.
The story is moving along at a pretty good clip, yet even so, I'm getting the feeling now that five issues won't be enough to tell a story so involving as to warrant more issues, either as part of a continuing series, or future minseries. Which is a shame, as this is an intriguing character. And his relationship with Mrs. Primo is even more intriguing.
GOOD storytelling by David Lapham with some mighty fine artwork by Patrick Zircher.

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