Thursday, October 25, 2007

Action Comics #857

Action Comics #857
This book reads like a throwback to one of the kooky golden age Superman stories. Unfortunately, it's three times the length. The thing about those old stories was that they made do with small doses. They could tell a ridiculous story jam-packed with all kinds of different gags, and still be in and out in 22 pages. Small doses. But this? This is more like an overdose.

This issue has a lot of really cute gags. Really cute. And, in fact, I wouldn't have minded this arc at all had they been premiered two issues ago. But after two issues of dreck, we finally get to the good stuff? Pardon me if I hold my applause. Truly, I had no idea what to expect when Richard Donner came on board this title. But I certainly didn't expect something as long and drawn out, and, frankly, uncinematic as this. I suppose I was expecting something grander, truthfully.

I'd rate this issue higher, but I have to give it an EH based on the two issues which preceded it.

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