Friday, September 01, 2006

X-Factor #10

X-Factor #10
OMFG!!! You BASTARD! How could you do that to Guido? On second thought, it's not like it hasn't been done before...remember his unrequited love for Lilah during the AoA? Hello, Gambit and the Externals anybody? OMG.
Heh. Madrox as Hef. Nice. Baggin'/Shaggin' two ridiculously hot chicks in the same night under the same roof. You go, boy. Nice to see that something can actually melt M's ice. That would be a great line for a future issue, no?
The issue has two very different tones. It starts off in the South of Wales in 1347, where Peter David shows us that humor need not be constrained by a particular era, and, apparently, Tryp was already around. Then it shifts to Tryp's office and then to the home of a soon-to-be ex-employee of his.
And then Jamie wakes up. Hilarity ensues. 'Nuff said.
And a very interesting scene with Rictor at the local medical center, where apparently Pietro has set up a clinic with the very specific goal of reempowering former mutants. Is Julio actually considering this? He's made some very interesting character development over the last ten issues. I think he may have come to the point where he realizes that he's no longer defined by his last name. We'll see. Meantime, Pietro is getting all holy and spiritual on us, saying that his terragen powers-granting only works out badly if the person being empowered had lame powers or was underserving of them, anyways. Serious ego trip. But not far out of character for Pietro, and therefore, a very natural development.
Another EXCELLENT installment from Peter David and company. Congratulations to Ariel David on her bowling prowess. May this be the first of many future accolades.

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