Sunday, September 03, 2006

Missing reviews?

Sometimes I'll read an issue and just not have any idea what to say about it...sometimes it could be good, but if I just wrote "GOOD", that would really be pointless. It's information you could easily get elsewhere. Sometimes I don't like an issue, but I really get the feeling that it's just me, and that I'm just missing a reference or something. Other times, I don't have the patience to fully read through a certain issue, and instead, I just speed read it. Sometimes I'll open an issue of a title that I generally enjoy a lot, and, as in the cases of She-Hulk #10-11, I just feel like I've been left with an incomplete story. In that case, I'll wait until an arc's conclusion, rather than publishing a negative review which might lead one to give the issue a miss. I'm probably giving myself way too much credit here - my influence probably only extends to a few close friends, but whatever.
And sometimes, the general direction of a title has left me just so annoyed that I stop reading it altogether. If I hear great things about the title, I may go back and read it, as I did with Wolverine #45, but otherwise, I'll just save those titles for another day. For example, I've stopped reading X-Men for the time being because I can't stand Bachalo's art.
There are some books that I don't intend to review until their arcs or storylines are concluded, such as most of Civil War. I'm still reading Wolverine and the occasional unrelated Spider-Man book. Annihilation. I'm not even going to start until it's done.
However...if there's a title that you want to see reviewed here, just contact me and I'll see what I can do. I'm assuming, of course, that people actually read this site, as I've never gotten any feedback on it whatsoever - except for that which I have solicited directly. So let me know what you think, and let me know what you want, and I'll endeavor to please. You can leave comments on the site, or just email me at NOSPAMacespotATyahooDOTcomNOSPAM. I aim to please - or at least to entertain.

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