Friday, September 15, 2006

Justice League Unlimited #25

Justice League Unlimited #25
Another EXCELLENT one-off issue from this book. Isn't it interesting how they can manage to make single issue stories work every month, yet DC continues to publish 3,4, and 6 issue storylines that seem to drag on endlessly? Let alone Marvel, whose arcs just feed into each other in one big giant interconnected mess.
This issue features Blue Devil having a personal crisis when he encounters fear of his devlilish visage from the people he's trying to save. He goes to Dr. Fate to help him out, but alas, as he is now a real devil, there's nothing Fate can do. Devil considers giving up the hero gig completely, until, when forced on another mission to battle Dr. Destiny and his nightmare minions, he saves a group of schoolkids who reward him with adulation. He then realizes that even if his appearance is sometimes feared, nothing outweighs the good he is able to do as a practicing superhero.
The best detail in this issue is when Fate relates to Cassidy that even Superman, hulking through the flaming wreck of an airline to save a trapped child, has been feared by those he tried to protect.
Like I said, an EXCELLENT issue of an EXCELLENT book. I save this book for one of my final reads every month, to overpower the taste of the crap I've read before it (the things I do for you folks!)...or read it as one of the first, depending on my mood.

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