Friday, September 01, 2006

Action Comics #842

Action Comics #842
I love it!! Busiek takes Superman and has fun with him, and lets us have fun with him too! Gone is the dark age of superhero comics. The good old days are back! Fans of the Giffen/DeMatteis era rejoice! The villain in this piece is quite obviously lovingly parodying Lord Manga Khan, and Busiek even adds in Blue Jay for good measure! And he has a panel where Firestorm says "My head's cold. What happened?" That's great writing. Of course, you really can see Nicieza's hand in this. Only the guy who could take a concept like Cable/Deadpool and make it work, consistently, would bring this humor here. But he's a good influence on Busiek, so I really, really hope he stays partnered with Busiek for as long as Busiek continues writing Superman.
And what a great cover by Dave Gibbons! He constructs an actual newspaper page for the cover and even quotes Abraham Simpson of Springfield to boot!
I'll deconstruct it further later, but for now...pick this up along with the previous issue as well, if you didn't already. It's totally worth it. Great stuff.
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