Monday, August 28, 2006

Patient J - Batman Fan Film

"Patient J"
I was finally able to get ahold of the complete 34 minute (and 24 second) film from Bat in the Sun productions, and I was not disappointed. Some of Aaron Schoenke's films are, well, mediocre at best - probably more an attempt to show his abilities as a cameraman and such rather than his writing skills - but this is probably the best complete Batman fan film I have ever seen. ("Grayson" doesn't qualify, as it's just a trailer.)
As it is a fan film, one must be willing to give the acting a bit of slack, but regardless of the other performances featured, Paul Molnar's turn as the Joker is nearly spot-on. He really gets into the character, and he is provided with a very rich psychological profile of the Joker with which to work.
The story is well written, with lots of fanboy nods and a very satisfying conclusion. It is a disturbing, yet at the same time, extremely humanizing look at the Joker, one which makes you root for him even as he recounts the many atrocious crimes he's committed over the years. Even the end of the film may bring a smile to the viewer's face, thus providing the Joker with his ultimate victory.

The film is difficult to find, but it is well worth the effort. Search for "Batman - Patient J" in emule, or follow this link to get it from FileFront.

[Yeah, I forgot the rating: EXCELLENT.]

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