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52 #14

52 #14
It just ocurred to me that I neglected to post this on my own site, sorry.

p.1 Why did it take so long (about two weeks) for Montoya and Vic to get around to flying to Khandaq? I didn't realize Renee could read Arabic. Vic is awfully close to her. Montoya should have been out of her sling/cast/brace around six weeks ago.
p.4 Nobody's heard from John Henry in a month. How convenient. Any character they omit for a while can have their exclusion explained away by "nobody's seen you for a month".
p.6 When did John Henry develop such a close relationship with Dr. Avasti? Why is John patchy?
[Squashua said...That's rust, dude. Like the title of the story, "Rust and Sand", IIRC. He's rusting.
Emmet Matheson said... He's rusting.
That's from all the tears he's been crying. Which is a pretty serious development in GJ's bag of tricks. He's discovered that sadface doesn't always have to be shown, it can be implied.]
p.10 Magnus leaves his home with people in it? Who might steal the metal men?
p.11 "The Haven". Who is the villain? The wolf? The hawks? The biker chick? Doesn't the Haven remind you of "The Prisoner"? Especially when the agents pull up in an ice cream truck?
(Squasha believes these to be Easy Company analogues: Truck = Ice Cream Soldier, Eagle = Little Sureshot, Wolf = Wildman.)
p.13 A hotel in Khandaq named Coldridge? Seriously?
p.14 Aristotle Rodor is an old character from earlier Question storylines.
p.15 anger lines!
p.23 Waitaminit...Metamorpho can only transform into the elements found in the human body? Can he combine them however he sees fit? What about in the past when he's transformed into compounds containing Cesium, Radium, Plutonium, or Uranium? Or other things he's changed into before which aren't components of the human body? And why can Shift change into anything?

My belief is that when the agents talk to Magnus, he isn't holding a responsometer, he's holding a piece of junk to fool them.

Once again, this issue was OKAY, but on the lowest's really beginning to slip back into EH territory again.
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