Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Breach #1-11

Breach #1-11
Breach was originally commissioned to be an update/revamp of Captain Atom, but at the last minute, it was decided that Captain Atom would remain unchanged and that Breach would be a wholly new character. I'm not sure I could have gone for a new Captain Atom, considering his influence in the JLE and Extreme Justice. But perhaps if Breach had become Captain Atom, then this EXCELLENT series would have survived. Unfortunately, we may never know. Breach suffered from poor marketing, poor sales, and was cancelled before it had even had a chance to complete its story. Even for a series so short-lived, there were numerous cameos by such DCU mainstays as Superman (aka "Groovy Guy"), Talia Al-Ghul, Lex Luthor, J'onn J'onzz, Batman, and even Black Adam and Deathstroke. And these appearances were done well, tastefully, without any sense of plot hammering. They fit in well, and would have continued to do so.
As a character, Breach was selected by the writers of Infinite Crisis to be the representative for "Earth 8", although why this was done is unclear. Some have said that any character created since the last crisis is really a denizen of Earth 8, but to my mind that doesn't really make any sense. Many characters have been introduced since the original crisis, including Tim Drake, Sasha Bordeaux, Renee Montoya; Kon-El, The Eradicator, Steel; Cassie Sandsmark - just to name a few supporting characters to the big three. Others would include Triumph, Ray, Kendra Saunders, Impulse, and Booster Gold, to name but a handful. If all those were denizens of Earth 8, then why should Breach have been singled out to be Earth 8's representative on Alex Luthor's tower? Lest anybody claim that I am misunderstanding which crisis is being referred to, and that instead it refers to the Zero Hour event, wouldn't Jack Knight have been a much more suitable representative as the most major/influential character created following/during Zero Hour? I'm sure there are others who I'm unable to think of at the moment. Nevertheless, Breach was selected for Alex Luthor's tower, and during Infinite Crisis he was ruptured by a punch from the Earth-Prime Superboy. He subsequently exploded, and Captain Atom returned from the Wildstorm universe in the exact location which Breach had occupied the moment before. (Captain Atom subsequently disappeared from the DCU again during the Battle for Bludhaven.)
Several plot threads remained unresolved at the end of Breach's solo series, and through his final appearance in Infinite Crisis they remained unresolved. It does not appear that they will ever be resolved. All due praise to Bob Harras for carrying it out successfully, nonetheless.
Unless of course, all you folks out there track down the back issues of this EXCELLENT series and petition the PTB's at DC to give it one more shot.
(For more information, read the Wikipedia entry for Breach.)

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