Monday, November 05, 2007

New X-Men #43

New X-Men #43
Explain to me again why I should care about the identity of the youngest mutant at the Xavier Institute? At least it's been specified on the recap page that Indra (whoever that is) is not the youngest mutant on the planet, but merely the youngest at the Institute. Unfortunately for my flagging interest, it's still not been sufficiently explained just why being the youngest mutant at the Institute means that he's going to die, or is even a target. I can't imagine that the X-Men's enemies know who he (?) is any more than I do, nor can I figure out why they'd care either.
Note that as of the recap page, I remain unfamiliar with the character named Indra who is supposedly important to the kids. Let's see if, off the top of my head, without reading this issue, I can recall the names of some of the characters: Surge (Noriko?), Julian/Hellion, Josh Foley/Elixir, David Alleyne/Prodigy, Santo/Rockslide, Cessily Kinkaid/Mercury, Sooraya Qadir/Dust, The Stepford Cuckoos, Laura/X-23. That's all that I can remember. What does it say about the quality of the writing when new characters have been introduced and are featured in this book, and I don't even know who they are? It's not a good indication. I can't even identify two of the characters on the front cover! Whereas this may make it seem that yes, there are too many mutants at the school, I feel that were the background characters given as much depth and care for as the feature characters, I'd probably know them all. And care for them all. And, although I definitely don't want to see them slaughtered, something which has become a defining feature of this book since the last reboot...a car alarm just went off and I forgot what the point I'd had in mind at the beginning of this sentence was. Oh, well.

Why do two of the kids have Mister Sinister type gems on their foreheads? Are those gems? Or birthmarks? Or what? Whatever.

Interesting character development, making Laura a cutter - especially since it caan't damage her at all, yet is indicative of a troubled psyche.

If she is really as religious as she is portrayed, Sooraya Qadir should be extremely uncomfortable with being touched by a male, even more so that the average teenaged girl. And I can't believe that past characterization aside, Julian would be so insensitive to this fact. He's gone through a tremendous amount of character development since he was first introduces, because originally? Well, saying that he was a bit of a dick might be an understatement.

At least Santo realizes that IT DOESN'T MATTER who the youngest mutant is, they're all targets, by virtue of their being mutants...and X-Men. How much longer before Kyle and Yost figure this out as well? And realize that we couldn't care less either?

Good fact, Quote of the Week!

Finally, the ever versatile Skottie Young turns out a book which matches his talents. The issues of the New X-Men in hell, or limbo, or whatever, sucked. But this is good. I guess he's best (using this particular style) when not having to draw battle scenes. Unfortunately, this also seems to be his final issue. And if the pinup at the end of the book is any indication, the new artists have decided to age all of the female characters by ten years or so, and to turn them into overly muscled sluts. And to make Noriko not Asian.

Next month, Crossover!!


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