Monday, November 05, 2007

Flash #233

Flash #233
Acuna is missing, and somehow I prefer it that way. This isue provides us with a resolution of sorts to the tentcle/vagina monsters' attack from the last two issues. But mostly, it shows Batman and Superman exactly as Waid sees them: GIANT ASSHATS.

And so what if Jai knows that his life is fleeting? Wouldn't that merely convince him that his parents were doing exactly the right thing by allowing him to live whatever life he's got to the fullest? Suffice it to say, I've not yet been able to muster much enthusiasm for this revived series, and, though I'll probably give it a couple more issues, unless Waid's writing reverts to the type of craft which he's worked so long at perfecting, I won't be continuing to read this series, other than the occasional crossover, of course. EH.

There is a backup story in this issue, as well, cowritten with newcomer John Rogers, of Blue Beetle. This story revolves around an early adventure of Jay Garrick, and is full of the humor which is sorely lacking from the feature story. It's basically a standard done-in-one, golden-age type story of Flash saving an alien race from destruction but it contributes to the overall Flash mythos by providing the first introduction to the "speed force" and to the concept originally conceived by Gardner Fox of Flash's adjusting his vibrations to allow him to pierce the dimensional veil. GOOD.

Most intriguing about the backup feature is that it is the first part of a four part story which will
apparently bridge the first two arcs in the feature story and provide readers with a reason to continue reading this series beyond the conclusion of the feature story's first arc. Brilliant.

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