Thursday, November 08, 2007

Most Popular DC and Marvel Characters

This post is in reference to a current posting over at goodcomics.

Finally, my #3 pick shows up, Grant Emerson/Damage. It’s nice to have him back in comics, even if his formerly pretty face has to be hidden. But the characterization is dead on, when he gets some time in the spotlight, so I’m a fan of the new JSA.

Yes, I’m a child of the 90’s in terms of comics. You know how Scott Tipton once said “the golden age of comics is five”?
Well, at least, I THINK it was him.
Anyways, for me, the golden age of comics were the days when I would bike 30 minutes to my comic shop after high school on Fridays. Those comics from back then, even if they are not critically hailed as being GOOD comics, or even ADEQUATE comics, were FUN for me. And that’s really all that matters to a kid. To a kid, it’s not about craft, it’s about excitement. And if stories like Knightfall and the Death of Superman can deliver on thrills for a teenage boy, well, then, that’s what it’s all about, now, isn’t it? Of course, it WASN’T all about that, which is why I eventually dropped both the aforementioned storylines and got hooked on Marvel’s 2099 universe. It was fun to be able to follow a universe from its inception, similar to what’s being done nowadays with the Ultimate line. When you’ve got a new universe (no pun intended - nut perhaps I should have...) with no continuity other than what you’ve just read, it’s extremely liberating for a kid of limited resources.

Anyways, when I saw that Ray was being drawn by the same man as had drawn the original Azrael miniseries, well, I just had to have it. And then when Jim Owsley/Christopher Priest had him cross over with Damage, too, well, I fell in love with that character as well.
Not to mention Triumph.
When is HE going to show up on this list?

Rereading these comics today, I sometimes find that they’re really NOT the shit, as I once thought they were. However, they provide me with that all important nostalgia fix, so that’s something, right?

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