Thursday, November 22, 2007

Legion One-Shot

Legion One-Shot (nothing to do with LOSH)
Just got back from reading the Legion one-shot. Here’s what I can tell you: don’t waste your time, unless it’s to look at the pretty pictures. Or to be scared/horrified. Because otherwise, the story has little merit in the way of emotions or narrative.

And, in fact, it seems that the lesson in this story is that art will destroy the world. Unless I’m misreading it. Except for the fact that that’s EXACTLY what it says!

So, take that message along with comics as a medium which incorporates two artforms - prose and pictures - and it seems to imply that comics will destroy the world. Which is either the bleakest fucking thing I’ve ever read in a comic book, or the most pretentious.

Either way, this book aspires to much, yet achieves little. EH.

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