Monday, November 05, 2007

Daredevil #101

Daredevil #101
Please don't tell me that Brubaker is clearing Milla from the playing field by having her comitted to Bellevue with no hope of a cure. Milla's and Matt's relationship has been one of the most wonderful things about this title since she was first introduced. Why can't any Marvel character other than Reed and Sue Richards stay happily married? Regardless, it's a great issue, and I don't think that I'll mind The Hood as much under Brubaker's pen as I mind him under Bendis'. What I just can't get is why he's all twisted and evil - which is not where BKV left him. Regardless, this issue is VERY GOOD.

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Christine said...

While I'm not a hardcore Milla fan (though I don't particularly have anything against her), I think Matt needs some kind of break. I love what Brubaker is doing with the book, but can't Matt be at least a little happy for more than an hour at a time. Sometimes I get the feeling that people think relative happiness is out of character for DD, but the truth is that he can be written many ways to great effect. And, should Brubakes decide to write her out of the book, I hope he does so by just giving them a divorce. The wives/girlfriends don't all have to die.