Friday, December 21, 2007

Cable & Deadpool #48

Cable & Deadpool #48
Yay! Deadpool is back and answering letters! Boo hoo. He's leaving us soon. Please don't go, Deadpool, I promise I'll buy multiple copies of your title if you stay. Now that Cable's dead. What? He's not? Gee, I really thought that would stick! Bwahaha! Still, I'd like to see a new volume of Marvel Team-Up starring everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth...drum roll please...T-RAY! Just kidding, Deadpool's my favorite, and always will be (until the real Spider-Man 2099 comes back).

Who do you think Deadpool would really want directing him? I don't think Gavin Hood can do him justice. Goyer says he wants Ryan Reynolds playing him. I'd go with a much more wise-cracking badass: Bruce Campbell!

Well, so long DP, I'll look forward to finding the Wade-ster in my favorite Marvel comics - because as soon as they begin to feature him, they'll definitely be my favorite. I vote that Deadpool gets to lead an X-Team! Who's with me? Anybody? Anybody? Hello?

Plus, Zuvembies!

GOOD fun.


ashez2ashes said...

A temporary stint on the Avengers could be amusing... If anyone wanted to annoy the heck out of Tony Stark, Deadpool would be the guy to call.

Anonymous said...

Well if they have the deadliest chin doing the voice for Wade and someone else in the suit it could work but otherwise Ryan would work rather well. I would actually like for Deadpool to just invade other comics even if he is just there and has not lines... if he can stay silent even.