Friday, December 21, 2007

Angel: After the Fall #2

Angel: After the Fall #2
This title is pretty good, and the first issue of it was most definitely a welcome surprise. I had no idea that Angel was going to have another season in comics as Buffy was, and was thus thrilled when I read the first issue. With that in mind, though, I present what is likely the major criticism of this series:
Nobody looks like themselves.
I know who all the principles are (except Gwen. Who's Gwen?), and that's the only reason that I'm able to keep the dialogue straight. Because sometimes, it's as if the artist has never seen any of these characters before, and is merely making it up. What with the show having been a pop culture phenomenon, I know that can't be true, but yet, it is. And Tony Harris' covers are much nicer than the interior artist's. Still, this is an OKAY series. Just shy of GOOD, for now, but I'm hoping that it'll ramp up relatively soon.

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s1rude said...

Gwen's the super-thief with the X-Files-y origin introduced in Season 4. She has electric powers and was originally used as sexual tension for Angel-Cordy (she could make his heart beat) and continued to show up as a noir-ish free agent for the remainder of the season.

Way late, and probably no one cares, but I have to do something with the worthless information in my head.