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SSM#27, FNSM#9, W:O#3, and 52#5

Sensational Spider-Man #27
And the new Spider powers keep on coming. Now Peter can extend his Spider spikes consciously, he has camouflage, he can receive radio transmissions from Reed Richards, and the suit can flow off of his body and onto something else just by willing it to do so.
Sue Storm says "These loner superheroes..." - uh, excuse me, but what other "loner superheroes" has she ever dealt with? And since Spidey is an Avenger, doesn't that make him, well, a team player? This issue was AWFUL.

Friendly Neigborhood Spider-Man #9
As bad as that issue was, this one is refreshing. For instance, Peter David specifically states that with his old costume, Spidey would have been immune to Hobgoblin 2211's nanothingys, but with the Iron Spider suit, he's vulnerable. It's nice to see that Peter David hates the new outfit as much as I do. We get the revalation of Hobgoblin 2211 being the daughter of Spider-Man 2211, but in truth, it's been a long time since I've read "Spider-Man 2099 versus Spider-Man" so I'll reread it tonight. Still, I loves the future Spiders, and the references to old Peter David works. This issue was GOOD. I'm genuinely interested in seeing what PAD does with this storyline.

Wolverine: Origins #3
As bad as I had anticipated this series being, I have to admit that it has exceeded my expectations. In Way's five issue prelude to it in the parent title, nothing happened. Here, at least, we are getting some genuine revalations from Logan's past. I still am unclear as to why the President is involving himself in this, or why any of these shadow agencies really care to go up against Wolverine. What do they think they can accomplish? I'm not sold on the motivations yet. And why, pray tell, does Wolverine need a sword. That just strikes me as silly. He's got adamantium claws...isn't a sword just overkill? Also, except for his advanced age, I'm unclear as to why Wolverine didn't remember this stuff to begin with. Why now, other than to give Way something to write about. However, the quality of the entire series has been enhanced by the art. Faces actually emote! I'd say that this issue is OKAY.
Next Issue

And now:
52 #5
p.1 Doesn't Buddy Baker have a son too? Where was he?

p.4 Perhaps the black chick in panel 3 is Natasha?
The couple in panel 7 is definitely Clark and Lois.

p.6 notice that Steel has gone back to wearing his old Superman-inspired logo.
p.6.5 Isn't Ali Ka-Zoom dead? Didn't he show up as a ghost in Zatanna #3?

p.8 Steel didn't lose his hand...the hands on his outfit are detachable - see the invasion of the watchtower back in Grant Morrison's JLA...Steel can shoot the hands. However, this leaves one to wonder as to the proportionality of the Steel suit.

At least somebody realizes that it was a stupid idea to take VOX into space. Donna Troy really doesn't inspire much confidence in me. I'd rather have had ANYBODY else leading that mission. Like, "sure, Donna, just take the people with powers that would be useless in a deep space battle with you - you're practically immortal, what do YOU have to worry about?" Animal Man? Useless away from the "red". Cyborg? Useless in space. Bumblebee? What's she going to do? Sting the spaceships to death? Vox? Useless in the vacuum of space. Red Tornado? Useless in the vacuum of space - since he's an air elemental, and there's no air in space - well, you figure it out. Hawkgirl? Can she even breathe in space? How can her wings work without gravity? And what the hell are Donna's powers anyways?
I can understand taking Adam Strange along, he's like the Batman of deep space. Supergirl, Alan, Jade, and Starfire were good choices as well.
And how the HELL would Vox get fused with parts of Red Tornado? So symmetrically?

p.9 Alan's remaining eye isn't his own? Then whose is it? And how can he see? Whatever.

p.15 I like the fact that Montoya has Kirbytech, but did anyone notice that it's a different gun from the one she used last issue?

p.16 They're in one of the most advanced hospitals in the world - yet Alan has to do MOUTH TO MOUTH on Mal? They don't have any bags?

p.17 Yay. Red Tornado is now nothing but a mouthpiece for the DC advertising department.

p.18 Notice Red T's hand still floating in space?

I don't care if he's married...there is no way that Buddy can sit half naked in front of a fully naked and exhibitionist Starfire and not get aroused. Unless he's dead. Or gay. And maybe even then. Seriously.

p.19 So the Zeta beam teleported a spaceship too? And put Adam's eyes out? Riiight.

History of the DCU:
Roll Call:
Batman, Metamorpho, Blue Beetle, and two unidentified others.
Obsidian, Hawkman, and six others.
Who is the green girl with purple hair?
Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Firestorm.
Who is the guy who sortof looks like a rocket red?
Who is the guy wearing a red suit and a blue cape?
Who is the guy wearing a red and green suit?
Who is the Starman looking guy by the Anti Monitor's right shoulder?

This issue was weak. And not just in terms of the art. Did anybody else notice how it skipped five whole days? And I can't wait until HotDCU is over. God is it awful.

The rest of the issue scores an EH. My interest in this series is going downhill.

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