Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wolverine: Origins #7

Wolverine: Origins #7
Why do I keep punishing myself every month and keep reading this garbage? There's only one reason: Steve Dillon's art. If not for that, I would have been running away screaming a long time ago. Is it wrong to hope that he leaves soon so that I can feel okay about stopping this title entirely? Of course, if Way would ever get around to actually telling entire stories set in the past, as opposed to random time-displaced flashbacks that don't make much sense, the entire series might be worthy of its name. However, as it is, this book is no good. Utter CRAP.
And remember that whole controversy regarding the supposed "death" of Silver Fox from issue #5? Well, when called on it in the letters page by two astute readers, the editors pass it off by saying that the apparent continuity error is all part of Way's grand scheme. Personally, I think they're covering for him. I think he forgot, and then when the fans reminded him, rather than admit his mistake and say "whoops!" he started lying and saying this was all part of his grand plan for the title. Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not buying that. Way fucked up. End of story.
What CRAP.

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