Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ebert's Law

For those who aren't yet aware of it, there is a giant flame war in progress between Greg Burgas, one of the reviewers at Comics Should Be Good, and Tom Beland, writer of True Story, Swear to God.
Essentially, Greg panned Tom's work, and Tom got all pissy about it, so he posted a comment to Greg's review which included a challenge for Greg to do better.
Man, if that isn't the cop out to end all cop outs. Take reviews for what they are: one person's opinions, mostly gut reactions to the work we've read. I personally don't think that I'm an imaginative enough writer to script comics, but you never hear any creators challenging their negative reviewers to get into comic book editing, do you? I think that I would excel in that position, and that comic book editors should be self-professed, proven, comic book fans, otherwise, what use is their okay on a product which is unreadable to the majority of comic book purchasers?
Anyways, the title of this post refers to a very astute observation on the part of a fellow blogger concerning the opinion that many creators seem to have with reviewers who challenge their work. (For those who can't tell that Ebert's Law is meant to be satirical...well, it is.)

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