Friday, October 06, 2006

52 #22 / Heroes 1x02

52 #22 / Heroes 1x02
This EXCELLENT show, for which Jeph Loeb is an executive producer, is, to my mind, very like what 52 should be. Every week we get to see a little bit of each of the characters, advancing each of their plot lines, however so slightly. Questions are raised, small answers are given, clues to the future are present, and plotlines seem to converge somewhat.
52 should be the same way. Instead, this week we get ONE PAGE with actual dialogue from one of our main characters (Steel). The rest of the issue focuses on Doc Magnus (who at some point since T.O. Morrow's disappearance has apparently gone loony), Lex Luthor's not being able to metahumanize himself, and Jon Standing Bear - some Native American dude we've never seen before. And the profile of "Green Lantern", not "Hal Jordan" or "Green Lantern 2814.1", is incorrect - the yellow impurity was not "overridden by Hal's will", as anyone who read Rebirth knows. Also, as part of the essential storylines, Jordan's turns as Parallax and Spectre aren't even mentioned - nor is his death! An incomplete bio if I ever saw one. Instead of the John Stewart panel, how about one of him conquering Parallax? If this comic is ever going to actually tell complete stories, now would be the time to start doing so. I've basically lost interest in this book (which is why I haven't reviewed it in detail, heck, at all, for some time). Very much sub-EH.
But if you love comics you should definitely be watching Heroes. Don't let it get cancelled.

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