Thursday, October 12, 2006

Green Arrow #67

Green Arrow #67
Gee, this story's cover title isn't ripping anyone off, no sir - Survive: Exile Island! Nope, that's the most original cover title I've ever seen!
Anyways, but for Judd Winick reminding us that Mia has HIV, this was another solidly very good issue. Nearly very good, but for the HIV thing, which loses Judd points. Honestly, I'm hoping that the next writer just pulls a Shondra Kinsolving out of his ass so that we can finally get past it, because it was one of the stupidest writing decisions Winick has ever made.
Anyways, remember how Ollie kicked Deathstroke's ass? This issue explains how he got so much better. He trained with someone whose name is Satan spelled backwards, and always wears wooden double platform clogs - even when he fights.
This issue also introduces the prelude to and impetus for Ollie's run for Mayor. Basically, he decided to run when he heard about the wall, and he then finagled the stock market to make a huge killing in order to fund his run. Let's hope he never gets investigated by the SEC, or he'll be joining Martha Stewart in infamy.
We get some nice character moments with Mia and Conner, but they're colored by the HIV thing, so it really comes off as sort of insipid.
That's about it. A GOOD issue, no less.

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MaGnUs said...

I agree with the Shondra Kingsolving thing, when the Justice League (or its former members) have acces to Kryptonian, New God, Apokoliptian, Brainiac, etc, etc, etc technology, AIDS and cancer should not exist in the DC Universe.