Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Smallville 6x07 "Rage"

Smallville 6x07 "Rage"
I love the Green Arrow outfit, especially since they decided to go with a hood. I like the trick arrows, like the taser crossbow bolt. There are a lot of good ideas here. Unfortunately, there's one really bad idea as well. Since Oliver Queen is one of the richest men in Metropolis, if not the world, rich enough to finance pharmaceutical experiments, why couldn't he invest in some light Kevlar for his costume? That would save him a ton of pain and grief, be much safer, and would really negate this entire episode's point. It's not as if he's going to be doing any acrobatics - he's just running around and shooting people. One of the newer Kevlar blends, such as they've been using in the armed forces, would not weigh a strong guy like him down very much.
There's a lot of other things to like about this episode. The whole "Ollie's on drugs" subplot is definitely meant to evoke memories of Roy Harper being addicted to smack. There's a cute line towards the end of the episode where Ollie tells Clark "I'm not even in your league," to which Clark replies "just because you're not indestructible doesn't mean you can't be a hero". Kind of like the "Junior Lifeguards Association" line from last year's episode "Aqua".
It's a fun episode. But this one gaffe is just too bizarre to allow me to rate this episode any higher than GOOD.

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