Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Batman #658

Batman #658
I've gotta say, I was seriously underwhelmed by this arc. Morrison can do so much better. Of course, he's done worse. But he made some decisions in telling this story that I really don't understand. For example, at first I was all excited about "Son of the Demon" being brought back into continuity, but then Grant went ahead and crafted a different story around Batman and Talia's child. Completely unnecessary, and not a good decision at all. Then he goes ahead and makes this child a whiny little brat who is so annoying that it's nearly impossibly to empathize with him. Seriously, if he'd truly been raised by the League of Assassins, he'd have been beaten bloody for being such an incorrigible brat. Repeatedly.
And Talia...to have orchestrated this entire scheme merely to get Batman to join her as her husband seems, well, maybe just the slightest bit needy? Codependent? Talia is a strong woman, and I don't see her acting like this. And if all she wants is to be by Bruce's side, then why not join him in crimefighting? Why insist on remaining the head of an inactive assassins' guild? Ridiculous, implausible, and, oh yeah, "Hh" is not a word, nor is it a sound. With each successive use of the pseudo-onomatopeia-like word, I become more and more annoyed.
EH. I miss Dini on Detective. But at least his replacement is keeping stories to single issues.

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