Monday, November 20, 2006

Robin #156

Robin #156
I was really looking forward to getting this book, and was very happy once I read it. For once, a superhero book with absolutely no fighting whatsoever - just Robin going through an average day. You know there can't always be crazies running around. And just by swinging around randomly, there's no way that Robin could hope to run across a mugging or burglary every single night. So in this issue, we see how Tim spends his downtime. And it's an EXCELLENT glimpse. He visits Dodge in the hospital, he talks to some people he's obviously made connections with, but that we haven't ever seen before - something I'd definitely like to see more of. These interpersonal relationships are important, because they are a large part of what define us as individuals.
At the end of the issue, Robin notices a jumper, so he swings by to talk with him. But mostly to listen. And after the jumper decides not to go through with it, they head out to get breakfast. I'd actually like to see more interactions like this...people being friends with Robin, as opposed to people being friends with Tim.
And it's a one-off story, to boot. EXCELLENT reading.

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