Friday, February 09, 2007

X-23: Target X #3

X-23: Target X #3
Another VERY GOOD issue of this series, with drop dead gorgeous artwork. In fact, it's the artwork that elevates it to its current status from a high OKAY or low GOOD. But this is essentially a middle issue. Which is fine. But nothing much happens. The setup is completed for X-23 to murder her aunt and cousin. The last three pages had me rushing through. The final page had me sick to my stomach. But that's precisely the intended reaction, so it deserves the VERY GOOD rating.
Of particular note is the extremely poignant scene wherein Laura sees Wolverine's image on TV for the first time - which is placed precisely at the beginning of the Academy X storyline, when Charles Xavier revealed publicly that he was a mutant and that the Westchester Academy was, in fact, a training academy for mutants.


NucleonSaber said...

I agree, in general, with your comments - but I wasn't a fan of the ending.

It is not a successful cliffhanger. We already know that Laura is going to kill the family; if she doesn't, then we've been lied to, and that will suck.

Why they did not just show her hack 'em to bits is beyond me; a far more gripping ending would feature Laura, say, going on the run after the murders.

But, hey, that's the way the X-books are now!

- Adrian J. Watts

acespot said...

Of course it's not a successful cliffhanger. We've all been pretty sure what happens the whole time. The beauty is in the execution (no pun intended). I don't think they've been going for a cliffhanger in any of the issues.
Paul O'brien commented on his site that this issue felt like filler. He's right, it did. But it was nice to look at and read nonetheless.

Glad to have you around Adrian. I'm a big fan. (And a little bit jealous.)